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Ok I'm really stuck Embarassed . I can take off, land, stall, steep turn even loop the loop. I cant work out how to get from airport A to airport B. Say I wanted to get from Manchester to Heathrow. I know I can do it because I have done (by knowing which way to go myself cause i've driven it a million times!, but not using the VOR, etc.

Does anyone know of any programs that will teach me bit by bit, nice and slowly how to do it (and understand it, I have done the lessons on it).

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

This is easy. All you do to fly a direct path is right here:

1. Open up the flight planner, and pick your starting airport
2. Pick your destination airport
3. Hit "Find Route"
4.Select your altitude (Only important if you are flying ILS)
5.Load up the simulator
6. In your cockpit you'll see a little button called NAV/GPS. If its pointing toward NAV, click it so it points toward GPS
7.Open up your autopilot, enter your cruise altitude, and then, when you take off, turn on the autopilot with Z, hit the ALT button on the autopilot panel, then hit NAV

8. the plane will follow the flight path to your destination.

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Well worth the joining fee LOL. That is easy to understand and does the job nicely. I have just finished flying all around my favourite places in England and guess what.....just one more question (sorry). I notice from the maps that there are 'highways in the sky'. If I wanted to follow a highway to Heathrow (instead of as the bird flies) using VOR stations, can I plot them as a course using your method?

I assume I can but cant work it out how to build a flight with a series of turns!

Hope Im not testing your patience.

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

All you would need to do is generate a route and then make the points from one VOR to the next. You can do this by dragging the course line to the VOR and then to the next VOR. The autopilot will automatically turn your plane (early as well) so that you stay on course the entire flight.

The "highways" you are referring to are either Victor airways or Jet airways. Victor airways are used below 18,000 feet. Jet airways are used above FL180.

You don't have to fly on them, but can only get on or off them at an intersection (triangle), unless vectored otherwise by ATC. Read up on IFR planning.

Sometimes you will note that it just isn't fesable to fly an airway to your destination as it takes you far out one way before turning you to another VOR. That's where RNAV comes in. You can fly from one intersection to the next so that you don't have to worry about going way out of your way.

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

To answer your next question.

After Step 2, insert this

2.5: In the bottom left corner, to follow airways, select either the "Low Altitude airways" Or the High Altitude Airways

Or, you can select VOR to VOR.

Lot easier than dragging the course line

Good luck

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