Does ATC Really Screw Up?

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hammerdag Trainee

I was just cleared for and ILS landing on runway 17l @ Dallas/Fortworth. I could see a MD80 doing what I was assumimg was holding short for me and then as I'm just about to touch down it taxis right in front of me Evil or Very Mad
I was cleary cleared for landing....has anyone else had ATC screw up like this ❓ It was going to be such a beautiful perfect landing Crying or Very sad

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antone First Officer

Yes, ATC screws up 😂

I've had a few "odd" incidents...

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

Yes, it happens all the time(FS). Look at it this way, it will keep you on your toes. 😂

Guest Ed Guest

Oh, yeah. Once I was cleared to land, and just after I touched down, I met an MD-80 taking off in the opposite direction. 😳


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pilatflyr First Officer

i was on final to sfo, and right as I'm cleared to land, this stupid MD80 SOB sweeps right in front of me, cuts me off, and then gets clearance to land, and supposed to follow me on final...weird.

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Odyssey First Officer

I was once cleared for takeoff so I taxied onto the runway and another plane decided he would follow me and hit me up the you know what!

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CaptainEz Trainee

ATC Screws up i am yet to have a successful IFR to Hartsfield they always send me 50 miles off course

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