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Looking for a VA recommendation

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Im looking for a 'Flyaway' member to recommend a VA to start with. I am looking for something that will give me a good training programme and allow me to fly. Something established would be nice but if not anything that will help me progress.


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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

US Air is who I fly with and have been very happy with them.

You can fly out of Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Philadelphia, or Phoenix hubs.

The nice thing with them is that they are new and really have a good base to start with. I get my itinerary emailed to me with my flights, or you can choose your own by downloading the US Air schedules and fly whatever you want.

Check out the link in my signature. They are still hiring for some of the hubs.

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Thank you, I will try them.

Mike @ Noble Air of Bosto Guest

We are casual and friendly...our only rule is you have fun. Experience is not required you get it as you fly at your discretion. Check us out at and come join the fun

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Check out UVA (United Virtual). Now that we're finally starting to recover from the server crash a few weeks ago, you can finally send in a pilot application!

UVA is filled with over 500 pilots (roughly), each one seemingly more knowledge than the rest. I've logged about 200 hours with them and still find that more than half the pilots know easily 5000x more than I do, with everyone willing to share their experience.

The UVA schedule is taken from the real world one, and offers flights all over the world, with all different classes of planes. Even with people from plenty of HUBs, flying all over the world, it certainly gets to feel like a family very quickly over there!

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Sam (SamIntel) Captain

If you want a VA with a good training program then you should check out NorthWest Virtual Airlines (NWVA). They have a great training program, after completion of the training program you can chose any of the NWVA fleet aircraft to fly. You can chose your hub, and request where you fly on your flights. You are not required to fly online, you can either fly online or offline. I strongly suggest NorthWest Virtual Airlines. Very Happy

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George (OrlandoGeorge) First Officer


There is also another one but it is very specialized and a long stretch from you in St. Helens.

~Aloha VA.~ Aloha VA Pilots: 55. // Total Affiliate Pilots: 2599. // PIREPs: 1979.

Flights per AC: 737-200: 904. // 737-700: 833. // DHC-8-100: 222.

Total flight hours: 3772.8. // Average hours per flight: 1.9.

-This is a good VA if you like flights of two hrs or less. Very intense in terms of dealing with traffic and takeoff/landing sequencing. B737-200/700/DC8. -If you like the long haul you can get a chance to do that as well w/ AVA or one of the affiliates. EX" Air Tahiti Nui has a daily departure from FAAA/Papeete to Detroit Metro. New York/Papeete. Papeete/Los Angeles. Anyway, with Nui you can fly from New York to Paris or ..go all the way to Aukland or Osaka! (Equip:Airbus)

Aloha Affiliate VA's: Cathay Pacific Virtual / Singapore Virtual / JAL Virtual / Thai Virtual / Malaysia Virtual / Hawaiian Virtual / Air Tahiti Nui Virtual / South African Virtual / Lufthansa Virtual / Virtual Air France / Swiss Virtual / Virgin Atlantic - Virgin Blue - Virgin Express VA /
Emirates Virtual / Delta Virtual / Icelandair Virtual / Northwest Virtual
Continental Virtual / jetBlue Virtual / Qantas Virtual / Varig Virtual.

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Greg (FL050) First Officer

Since you are probably nearing a decision, I will throw this out at you.

It is a division of American Airlines. We have about 120 active pilots that fly almost every day. We pride ourselves not on how many members we have, but the friendships and fun that we accumulate in flying. We have 1 or 2 GFI's a week.

We like to think our checkride and ranking system is one of the best out of all the VAs. If you are interested, go ahead and head over and take a look at it yourself!

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