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What Is Your Favorite Free Flight Outside The US?

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I was wondering what is your favorite FSX free flight? (preferably outside the US with the exception being the North West and Alaska as I have very little actual flight time in those areas of the US).

Scenery? (VFR)

IFR (challenging and preferably outside the US aslo)

Take off and landing airports?

Aircraft? (please no helicopters)


Instrument Failures?

Night or Day?


And if I left off something please feel free to add it.

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andymil Guest

I think most of the good flights are in the US! I only fly IFR, I always fly from London. I love the Las Vegas route and the San Francisco route mainly because the sceenery is so good when you are coming into approach. I think the sceenery is so good in the US probably because microsoft is a US firm and their biggest customer base is the US so it makes sense.

Outside of the US I like doing London-Rio, London-Caracas or going to other way London-Tokyo, London-Hong Kong.

All my flights are in a 747 of course!!

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The_Finman Trainee

Yeah, I would tend to agree with you.

I graduated from Embry-Riddle and spent time at both their Daytona Beach (Florida) and Prescott (Arizona) campuses. When I was living in Arizona I think about every cross county I did was to Vegas (funny part is I don't gamble, so I never bothered to spend any time there...wish I had now).

Florida was really nice and just about every other cross country was down to Marathon in the Keys. 😂

I agree with you about flying into Hong Kong Int (VHHH)...that's one of my favorite sims so far, except I usually choose the King Air or Moonie as those are a little closer to real life for me. Wink

I will try some sim flights to Rio and Caracas as both those sound interesting.

I have very little real world experience in colder areas such as Canada and Alaska. I would think both of those would have some real interesting challenges, as well as some good eye candy in winter.

I would think Germany and Switzerland would also have some beautiful winter scenery as well.

I will try those you suggested...thanks! 😀

armydust Guest

london UK to Amsterdam or to Germany in good! Germany going south to Austria and Italy is good over the Alps etc.

i have tried a few African routes, Kenya, Tanzania, the detail is not so high though. Johannesburg in South Africa to the Indian Ocean island of Mautritius in a 737 is a nice route when flying over Madagascar.

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Murfi First Officer

I fly alot from Gatwick or Stansted or Heathrow to Tenerife South in a 737. I also do other flights in the 737, at this exact moment I'm 20 minutes out of EDDB, an airport in Berlin. I love the 747 though, and fly from Heathrow to whereever! I like challenging weather. I think taking off is easy once you know how to do it, same with everything. I always found landing on the centre line hard, I have done it but I need a bit more practice.

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The_Finman Trainee

Thanks for the suggestions...I plan to give them all a try this weekend. 🙂

I haven't had much time to mess with FSX before the holidays, but I was able to squeeze in a few hours the past few days.

The first 4 are the approach (and surroundings) into Rio de Janeiro International in Brazil (click on the thumbnail images to view the full image).

Here are some on the approach and landing at Hong Kong Int.

Thanks for all the suggestions! Please keep them coming! 😀

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captainsimon Trainee

Southend (EGMC) UK to Milan Orio (LIME). the approach is nice and high as you fly over the alps which is amazing.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I would recommend flying from LOWW [Austria] to LSGG [Geneva-Switzerland].

I recommend Winter

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The_Finman Trainee

Awesome! Thanks, I will try both later today! 😀

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

I try to fly from Baltimore to Japan, with a layover in Seattle......using real time weather updates!! I am have problems with the autopilot though, it won't hold altitude so I have to assume control.... which cause for a headache when doing a lot of things around the house. 😎

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