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Hey, never have seen this anywhere--before FS2K$ fades out--anyone want to create these?

New tower at Phoenix
Laughlin Nevada casinos and area details
Realistic Downtown Toledo Ohio area
1-real nice, detailed Area 51
Janet terminal at McCarren
FIX the damned sunken bridges in the Seattle area
Additional Casinos & Bulidings in Las Vegas and Atlantic City
Great America Amusement parks
1-Real nice, detailed version of Kai Tak
Some way to make AI aircraft NOT takeoff while cleared to land and on final
1-real nice, detailed version of Atlanta airport
More buildings on approach to LAX


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Even more..........

Wind farms around palm springs
Nascar tracks around the country (as these are big & visible)
Football/Hockey/Baseball Stadiums across USA
Large Malls if used for VFR flight reference

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i wouldn't worry about it so much. FS2004 is here to stay, simply because there are so many addons and it's good to your system. Sure, it will go out, but it'll take a while I'm sure

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