Just got fsx, Wonder if I should keep it?

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Just purchased and loaded my copy of FSX Deluxe. Kept all settings on med/high and was very inpressed with graphics and roads etc., but my FPS were like 7-15 and sometimes 0-5 for a second or two, so I tweaked settings down and bit and it improved alittle. I'm debating on letting it go on ebay until I can get a better System to run it and stick with FS9.
My specs are:

Pentium 4, 3.0 ghz
1024 of ram
fx5500 video card with 256mb ( I know its old)

Does anyone know if uping my ram to 2.0 gig ram would help, I'm sort of stuck with the video card due to having a PCI slot and not many new cards being made for this ( I may have that backwards, it's either PCI-e or PCI that isn't being used with new cards.). Any suggestions would be appreciated. 😀

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Your processor is good but more RAM will help. I have a 2. 4 GHz processor with 1 GB of ram, I'm waiting to get a new computer before I buy FSX. 🙂

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