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Recommended Boxed add-ons for a New member?

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CaptainEz Trainee

I am a new member to this site but an avid simulator 2004 user need a new challange within the simulator are there any add-on's boxed version that anyone would recommend.


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antone First Officer

Can't help with your question, but welcome anyway Laughing

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Odyssey First Officer

I can't offer no more than CRJCapt can. but welcome to flyaway!!

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

CRJCapt pretty much summed it up! Welcome to Flyaway! Very Happy

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CaptainEz Trainee

Thank you ... i tried some of those web sites and they are great ... are there real pilots here .... or just simulator fans

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ARD-DC Captain

All sorts of pilots and all sorts of fans...from all over the globe Thumbs Up!

Welcome to Flyaway! Cheers!

Do you fly online? If not, thats your new challenge right there Wink

May I recommend the Level-D 767-300ER - awesome plane to fly.


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mossy First Officer

I reccomend cargo pilot if you don't already have it. I really enjoy it.

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