Recommended Boxed add-ons for a New member?

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I am a new member to this site but an avid simulator 2004 user need a new challange within the simulator are there any add-on's boxed version that anyone would recommend.


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antone First Officer

Can't help with your question, but welcome anyway 😂

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I can't offer no more than CRJCapt can. but welcome to flyaway!!

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Welshflyer Captain

CRJCapt pretty much summed it up! Welcome to Flyaway! 😀

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CaptainEz Trainee

Thank you ... i tried some of those web sites and they are great ... are there real pilots here .... or just simulator fans

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All sorts of pilots and all sorts of fans...from all over the globe 👍

Welcome to Flyaway! 🍻

Do you fly online? If not, thats your new challenge right there Wink

May I recommend the Level-D 767-300ER - awesome plane to fly.

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mossy First Officer

I reccomend cargo pilot if you don't already have it. I really enjoy it.

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