PMDG747 & PSSA340 & CaptainSim C-130

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I have currently got PSSA340 and it runs fine on my PC. I also have captainSim 130. The framerates for this are not too good so although i love the aircraft I don't often use it cause i have to turn my sliders down, which i don't like to do.
I do all my flights from VC.

I would like to buy a boeing preferably the PMDG 747 but am worried that the frame rates will be a low.
Does someone have the PSSA340 and PMDG747? if so please could you fly low over somewhere built up using the VC and tell me if there is much difference in framerates between them. If you had the c130 as well and could tell me the results of that it would be even better.
Obviously your framerates and my framerates will be completely different, but its the differnce between the 2/3 aircraft that counts. as from this I will be able to take an educated guess as to whether the 747 will be fine like the a340 or too slow like the c130.

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What's ur setup??I have Nvidia XFS 6600 256 mb and 2 gb ram with Pentium D 2.8 Ghz and I run Fs9.1 with full sliders except for the sounds because it causes stuttering effect .I guess i would need a sound card to eliminate that..I fly the PMDG 747 and it runs well and not to mention the VC also runs well..I am not too much of a statistic person so i don't know the framerate..I have locked the frame rate to 20 because that is the only thing needed ..

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i've got got 1gig ram, an amd 2gig CPU but only a 64m nvdivia graphics card (yes i know i should upgrade). as I say this is good enough to run the airbus but not the c-130.
i suspect that since i am near the bottom of what pmdg needs that the 747 will be a too jerky on th framerates.

I will probably go for the 737NG cause that only needs a 32m card (the same as the airbus) so will probably have similar sorts of rates.

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yeps i do have a feel that it would be jerky

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I recently asked about whether my system would handle the pmdg 737. I have a similarish system except that I have about 500mb less ram. The stated requirements for the 737 were a 32mb card and 256mb ram, but everyone said my system would not run it well, and looking at the stated requirements for fsx, and the real requirements, one sees that they are very different. Maybe you should wait until you have upgraded your card before you buy the PMDG 737, or see if there are other options that may be easier on the system, as I am doing in my enquiery about the justflight 737 pilot in command.

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