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Problems once again ...

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Howdy folks, long time no see.
Well once again my FS9 wont load. My last download was scenery for Moffett Field which worked fine. Then a few days later the entire sim got really sluggish taking a long time to load each screen. I exited immediately and ran a defrag thinking that might solve the problem. Got back in the sim and couldn't load any airplane. Got as far as "loading scenery" and would stall out. Deleted the CFG file and let it regenerate. Still wouldn't work.

Any ideas?

Athlon 64 3000+
Radeon X800XL PCIe 256mb
Audigy 2 ZS
2 gig DDR400
Gigabyte K8 series MB
40 gig HD (80% full)

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If you follow these steps and completely clean your system of FS9 then reinstall it all should work well.
The registry is the most important in this case.

Defrag before and after installing.
You have a good system
Good luck with it.


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freedspeak wrote:

Any ideas?

Have you run a full-system virus/spyware scan?


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