737 pilot in command. How realistic?

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I asked about a week ago whether my system would handle a pmdg 737, and everyone said no. The other option is the justflight 737 pilot in command.
How realistic is it?
Will my system handle it? - AMD athlon processor 901mhz, 576mb ram, NVIDIA GeForce4 mx 440, 1.31gb free on hard drive (can free more space, and plan to get an external hard drive asap.)

Thanks for all your help.

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To be totally honest, and without sounding rude,

Most of the payware add-ons out there are realistic without a doubt, but unfortunately because your system is quite old, they will not run like they are designed to.

Before getting an external HDD I would seriously consider upgrading your pc.


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I know my system is old, However, apart from buying bits of extra ram (I recently bought 256mb more, but my pc can only take a max of 768mb) and saving to buy a better graphics card, I am stuck with it - for the time being at least. ( i have some money which I have invested and will at some point hopefully be able to buy a new pc with) I was hoping that the justflight 737 would be slightly easier on the system than the pmdg one. Is this correct or not?

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