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Idiots Guide to FMC Approaches Plz

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Can someone plz give me some advice and guidence? Smile

I am currently trying to fly from A to B in my PMDG 737 using just the FMC and VFR routes.

I am having no problems with the programming, take off or cruise, but I am having a problem with the approach.

I have just wasted 2 hours of my life flying from Luton to Mallorca on to find out that I am actually 3000ft on top of the airport instead on being on the runway, and thats only cause I can't work out how to get the plane onto the ILS course (and yes I do know how to program ILS)

The problem I am having is that I tend to come into the runway at about 90 degrees, leaving me no manovering space for the approach. Ok I can try and line myself up manually, but what I really want to know is how to set up the approach manually. I have heard of SIDS and STARS, but I have not none to select in the PMDG model.

Sorry for the essay, but its starting to annoy me a tad.

Thanks Peeps

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yeah, that little box can get annoying sometimes, but if you can work with it on VATSIM, you'Ve got it made Cool

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