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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

Anyone out there know how to be able to get AVC to let you use the button on the right side of the CH Products flight yoke as a PTT switch?

When you go into AVC and select to change it, it wants either a keyboard or mouse, but there aren't any selections to be able to use a controller button.

My right button is set up for the default (kneeboard) and I don't see much use in that since my mouse sits on a stand on my right side.

Thanks for the help!

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jelami First Officer

Are you talking about ATC?
I have one of the buttons on my yolk set to bring up the ATC window. When you are selecting assignments, make sure you use the drop down window to select the yoke first. I hope this helps.
If not I will check again later at home to see if I can help further. Wink

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Jason (Av8r77) First Officer

I am trying to find it for AVC (Advanced Voice Client) so that I can use it while on VATSIM.

Right now I am set up to be able to hit the space bar to talk to ATC. I want to be able to hit the button on the yoke, like you would in a real aircraft. This is much easier than haveing to have my keyboard out just to talk to ATC.

When I got into AVC to change the button, it says to click what keyboard/mouse button you wish to use. I hit the button on my yoke that I want and it doesn't set anything. I don't know if you can do this or if you just have to live with the keyboard or mouse.

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