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I have AMD Sempron64 2800+. 768 MB RAM, GeForce 7600GS and graphic options are set on medium on 1024x768. So, scenery does not look very good, I don't have moving cars, boats, etc, and I have few buildings on the ground (only main buildings in big cities, e.g. Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Triumph Gate and around main buildings is blur). With this option I have about 9-12 fps. Is this behavior expected for my configuration?
Will it be possible to reach higher fps with more detailed scenery if I upgrade memory to 2 GB?

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yeh the extra ram would be a great help. I upgraded my ram by only 256mb and that sped everything up a considerable amount.

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No kidding? I wasn't really sure will extra RAM speed up FSX. Now I will buy 1GB RAM. Did you change virtual memory (swap) settings when you put some extra RAM? Is it needed? ❓

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Update: I tried to put additional 512MB so I have 768MB -> 1280MB but it didn't help. Fps remains the same, graphic and overall feeling is the same like with 768MB.

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This isn't going to increase your graphics probably as much as you would like to, but most people don't know that both ATI and Nvidia design their cards to be able to overclock them safely.

Nvidia even has it built in and it's called "CoolBits"

You might want to check out the Rivatuner (works for both Nvidia and ATI) and follow the guidelines

Now, before rushing over there an overclocking your card as far as you can, start small and slowly increase your GPU. Remember, overclocking can theoretically cause harm (especially older cards), so even though the new cards (and 7600 qualifies) are actually designed with the ability to overclock, remember though that it still carries some risk (although albeit small). The Rivatuner though is designed to work within the overclocking boundaries and it will refuse if you try and make it go beyond what your card can safely handle (remember that even rebooting your computer carries some risk too Wink )

Here is a great beginners overclocking guide. 🙂

Beginners Guides: Overclocking the Videocard

It's possible to overclock a videocard just as you might a processor, for quicker speeds and better gaming. In this guide we will explain how to do just that, step by step.

Overclocking is a subject that PCSTATS deals with every time a new processor, motherboard, stick of memory or videocard comes in for review, so it's a topic near and dear to our hearts. As you might expect, after having experimented with the subject so frequently, we have developed a pretty good idea of what does and doesn't work in the world of overclocking.

Videocard overclocking can hold many benefits for the gamer or benchmarking enthusiast. As with processors and system memory, the faster the videocard's graphics processor and video memory can process information, the better. Smoother frame rates and higher benchmarks might be just around the corner.

In this Beginners Guide, PCSTATS is going to take a comprehensive look at how to overclock any modern videocard. From theory to practice, ATI to nVidia, basic overclocking to tips and BIOS flashing, it's all in this guide! For insight into overclocking a CPU, motherboard and memory, please see our companion guide on that subject right here.

Also, as I said in another thread when Microsoft release their new home edition of Windows (called "Vista") it will also be releasing the next and most highly anticipated version of DirectX (10) for Vista and only Vista. Graphic card makers like Nvidia and ATI are going to be between a rock and a hard place, because most graphic and game enthusiasts are going to be clamoring for the next generation of video cards from them that will take advantage of DirectX 10...which will make for a steep price drop in both ATI's & Nvidia's current crop (I think Nvidia has already released theirs with the new GeForce 8800 series).

But yeah, those are the 3 things I would think about.

1) Simply overclock your current card.

2) Wait for Vista's release and then pick up Nvidia's or ATI's present cards for a song (also remember that you can overclock both ATI and Nvidia cards right out of the box too Wink ).

3) Hold off, save your money and buy the next generation of DirectX 10 ready cards and enjoy FSX the way it was meant to be seen. Wink

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Don't forget you have to increase your scenery and terrain density levels up a bit to achieve the desired effects. However, this might slow down your FPS, so increase them gradually.

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Yes, I agree with everything. But I thought that upgrade from 768MB to 1280MB of RAM will be visible in more fps with same scenery setting or at least same fps with higher scenery settings.
But it seems that with 768MB and 1280MB of RAM, there is no visual/gameplay improvement.

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