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flyable planes issue

icebreaker999 Guest

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me why FLYABLE PLANES aren't visible when creating them on flight sim X - using the Traffic 2006 add on.
I follow the instructions to the letter but the aircraft don't appear on the restart. Crying or Very sad

Everything works well otherwise, with both FS X and Traffic doing their jobs admirably, despite working with low specs. (512Mb RAM and GeForce 4, 32 Mb) Wink

Thanks for any forthcoming and welcome advice,
There is NO airport scenery for Liverpool UK ( My home airport ) - When in FS 2004,it was fully supported.
Good job my mate Paul Derbyshire bailed me out with his great work in recreating the said missing scenery - Nice one Derbo, BOOOO to Microsoft.

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Hi mate as a fellow scouser Smile

Can you share the add on scenery for JLA ?

I think Doyley on here would be interested as well

icebreaker999 Guest

Hi G B,
follow this link and that will give you access to some great scenery files for FS 2004/X



(Shame on the reds - 6:3 Crying or Very sad )

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Thanks mate, i'll check them out, sounds good

I'm afraid I have to say I quite enjoyed that match last night Smile

sorry lol

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