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Hi all,
Can anyone tell me why FLYABLE PLANES aren't visible when creating them on flight sim X - using the Traffic 2006 add on.
I follow the instructions to the letter but the aircraft don't appear on the restart. Crying or Very sad

Everything works well otherwise, with both FS X and Traffic doing their jobs admirably, despite working with low specs. (512Mb RAM and GeForce 4, 32 Mb) 😉

Thanks for any forthcoming and welcome advice,
There is NO airport scenery for Liverpool UK ( My home airport ) - When in FS 2004,it was fully supported.
Good job my mate Paul Derbyshire bailed me out with his great work in recreating the said missing scenery - Nice one Derbo, BOOOO to Microsoft.

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Hi mate as a fellow scouser 🙂

Can you share the add on scenery for JLA ?

I think Doyley on here would be interested as well

icebreaker999 Guest

Hi G B,
follow this link and that will give you access to some great scenery files for FS 2004/X



(Shame on the reds - 6:3 Crying or Very sad )

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

Thanks mate, i'll check them out, sounds good

I'm afraid I have to say I quite enjoyed that match last night 🙂

sorry lol

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