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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Well, I need just about 30 seconds more of matarial for my video and it will be done. The only problem is, I don't quite know what format it must be in for me to upload it on Youtube.So think of it this way, your advice will help you finally watch the thing.

😳 Excuse my spelling.

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Doyley Captain

Youtube accepts most formats, it converts it into its own format once you have uploaded it. It says they prefer mpeg4 though.

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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

Thanks, I'm getting wright on it.

Hopefully youtube allow you guys to see it straight away.

All I need to now is to mention what music, planes, scenery, flightsim I used etc....

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

That was a great video! Too bad I looked at that FS9 vs FSX video.....pissed me off that the guy used add ons and scenery enhancements to make FS9 better than FSX..... if he was smarter, he would have known that the max graphics of FSX will make FS9 look like abstract art!!! He must be using a very slow and outdated computer.

I would increase the FPS rate next time, it may make the video flow faster.

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