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Has anyone used other helicopters successfully in FSX, other than the default stuff that MS supplies? How about a good working Huey add-on? 🙂

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Yes I have. There are a lot of helis that can be added and flown successfully. There is a site; has the largest helicopter addons I know. I have the a good collection of Hueys from these guys, but I also have a collection of Cobras, Apaches, Eurocopter Dauphin (USCG Helis) and Blackhawks. I also have some Bell 222s with retracts and skids, and my favorite, Airwolf.

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The site actually doesn't work. You sure you wrote the address correctly? Because I'd like to have a look at that site, seems to have good stuff on it by what you say.

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He had the "," to close to the "com" and I'm pleasantly surprised that they have so many listed under FSX when all other aircraft are having gauges problems.


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