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How will these specs do?

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mossy First Officer

These are the specs of the new computer that I am getting:
2gig ram
AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4200+ 2MB SKT-939 (dual core)
XpertVision 512MB RADEON X1300PRO PCI-E - Is this a good card?
250gig hard drive

It will have windows vista upgrade that I can choose to or not to install (is there anyone here who can tell me if it's any good?)
I wondered how well it will run the PMDG 737, and how well it will run fsx.
All help is appreciated.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Nice machine, you can up the ram if your getting Vista, I am and have 4 gigs.
If you can hold off for a few weeks, get Vista installed on the machine and buy a PCIe DirectX 10 card you'll be set for 3 years.


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pilatflyr First Officer

radarman's right. i just got a new system about a week ago, and it runs great. i can even get solid frames with max scenery on FSX!

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wombat457 First Officer

You seem to have a good system, and your card isnt bad either - very good for FS2004. As for whether it is good enough to run FSX or not is another issue altogether.

I run a 4400+ dual core, 2gig corsair XMS 128 dual channel DDR, 650 watt Antec PSU and an 8800GTS (640MB Gddr3 + processor) and am pushing to get FSX to run perfectly on MED/HIGH across the board. Of course if I bump some of the settings back and loose AA and AF then I can push some other settings higher - thats only obvious. In general though, with your setup, I wouldnt expect to run FSX on a much higher game setting than MED across the board. The fact is, not too many people (if any) can afford a system that is capable of running FSX at its full potential. In fact I heard of one person that allegedly runs an FX60 CPU, 2 Gig DDR, and dual 7950GTS cards and they claim they could only get FSX to run perfectly at a MED/HIGH - HIGH game setting depending on the area they were flying. By the way, I do a lot of International flying rather than low level regional flights.

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