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HI, I have been using FS9 for a while lately because I want to get a private pilot license in the least time possible. (I understand it varies person to person but the more i practice theoretically the less hours) so I bought some pedals. CH pro pedals, I have everything on realistic, and the pedals are so touchy. the turn coordinator shows the ball is almost perfectly centered in the indicator when no rudder is applied. and when I go to apply a little rudder, all hell breaks loose. btw i have it set to autorudder OFF. so what gives, is this normal, I know i can adjust sensitivity but i want everything as realistic as possible.

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You can adjust the sensitivity and Null zones in Settings-Controls, advanced settings. I don't have FSX but it should be similar to FS9. 🙂

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You can also adjust the sensitivity in CH Control Manager. Latest version is here:

Discussions on CH products are often useful too:

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