Flight Simulator detects 24bit color... WONT START

HelpFSXgoingCrazy Guest

I know this is the second Topic regarding this situation, but I have gone to great lengths trying to resolve this problem with no luck, and its driving me mad. For the record I'm IT professional who rarely looses PC app troubleshooting situations..

I'm Running Windows XP Pro.

The Error when starting up FSX is ..
" Flight Simulator has detected one or more of your monitors is using 24 bit color quality. Flight Simulator is incompatible with this display mode. Would you like to change your display settings? [ Yet / No ]

I have tried..
- Running the FSX repair.
- Uninstalled/Reinstalled including manually deleting entries from Registry.
- Reinstalled DirectX
- Updated Nvidia Drivers
- Changed Monitor Drivers
- Disabled Remote Desktop
- Obviously changed from 32bit to 16 multiple times hoping it would wake up.
- Queried MS Knowledge base .. no luck. Like the issue does not exist.

The last topic regarding this situation they said disabling Remote Desktop "Sharing" does the trick, but that doesn't make too much sense. I'm guessing thats what its called on Home edition.

Anyways .. anyone else having this problem and found a solution?

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HelpFSXgoingCCrazy Guest

Problem Solved.

The workaround/solution was found at ..

I think I found a solution, if you go into youre "Program" folder and fin the
folder called NetMeeting, start "conf", and let it load up, when it pops up
in the right corner on the start menu next to the clock, right click it and
shut it down, than try if it works, if it do, please send a reply, to help
other people.

Long story short and I know this is going to sound crazy but it worked for me.
Start Netmeeting.. "C:\Program Files\NetMeeting\conf.exe" and then I right click on the taskbar icon and close it. thats it.

guest Guest

C:\programFiles\netmeeting\conf starts up net meeting, then configure it to turn remote desktop off. Then exit net meeting. Worked for me. I first tried turning of remote desktop from the control panel, but had to turn it off from netmeeting before finally getting MS Flight Simulator Deluxe to start.

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