where to go to multiplay?

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i am new to flight sim and recently purchased flight sim 2004. i love the game and am having trouble finding places to fly with fellow enthusiasts. can anyone help?

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yeh where all the servers gone i used to fly on ultimate global toyr now cant find it

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Mate fs2004 online is dead, and this is a fsx (Fligh sim X) FOurmy bit. I dont kno of any fs2004 servers i havnt played it for a long time.
I recommend u buy fsx

Viper006 Guest

I understand on both games (yes I know this is FSX).
FShost has two client programs that will allow you to go multiplayer with out GS or other servers.

jumpjet2578 Guest

looking for somewhere to fly (in FS2004 and FSX)? try (dead link removed)

DogOne Guest

Go to

They have the best server on FSX!

Tell them DogOne sent you

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DogOne wrote:

Go to

They have the best server on FSX!

Tell them DogOne sent you

DogOne forgot to mention there is quite a rigorous application process as well...very professional with all the bells and whistles.

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Multiplayer Server for Microsoft Flight Simulator


For anyone looking for a more organized FSX MP session, without all the formalities of the BIG Networks, you might like to check out the "Community" on Gamespy.

FS-MP (Flight Simulator - Multi Player) is a COMMUNITY Orientated group of Pilots and Controllers, ranging from virtual beginners, to experienced, real World Airline Pilots and Controllers.

The Community runs a 24/7 FSX server, as well as having a supporting Website, Forum, and active social Teamspeak Server.

Running FSX "out-of-the-box", without the NEED for any complicating addons, it provides a realistic and professional environment for both Pilots and Controllers.

The Community has its own Flying School, ATC School, Aerobatic Team, and well as a numer of associated VAs. The schools are open to all qualifying members, and provide a fast and efficent path to flying in a realistic manner, as well as to be able to provide Realistic ATC.

The Community hold regular Teamspeak Seminars, run by Real Life Professional Controllers, and Real World Pilots.

With a current membership of over 2000 FSX Pilots and controllers, new members are always welcome to come and join in a Realistic & Profesional world of Virtual Aviation.

If you are looking for a well organized, FSX Multiplayer "COMMUNITY", Visit ,join the Forum, and become a member.

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Thanks to FShost client, host, and fshostspy I've been gamespy free for a year.

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