FPS are very low at some point

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Hello, I have FS2004 and in normal scenario I have 30-40 fps. Above some city, fps is 15-20 and when I passed town and look back in external view, I get about 3-4 fps. Details are on maximum but when I set them to mid, the difference is not to much.

AMD Sempron64 2800+
768 MB RAM (333 MHz)
GeForce 7600GS

Should patch 9.1 solve the problem? Do you have patch 9.1 installed or not?

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

Man, Invest in a new Processor. Patch 9.1 fixes some Frame rate issues. I have it installed but i cant notice alot, the patch mainly updates the bridges.

You can find the patch of M$ F$2004 Website

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