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Very frustrated after Windows Reinstall

iflythewestcoast Guest


I reinstalled Windows XP Home Edition today. After trying to install FS9, I ran into an error on CD #2. It says that there was an error with loading MSGAME3.CAB. What is this error caused from and how do I fix it? It always worked before the reinstall. Did something bad happen during the reinstall of windows? Everything else is working perfectly after the reinstall and this is frustrating me. I must learn how to fix this soon! Thanks for your help.

System Specs If They Matter:

Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz
1 Gig Ram
80 Gig Hard Drive
PNY 7600GT

iflythewestcoast Guest

I was able to get past the trouble spot on CD 2 when I tried to install it on a different computer that also just had Windows XP reinstalled. This computer is much less capable of running FS9 but that should not make a difference in installation. I have loaded FS9 onto my good computer many times without a single problem. Then to only now have it after the reinstall. What is the problem here?

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iflythewestcoast Trainee

I ended up buying a new copy of FS9 and have had no problems. The CD obviously had some issue. Thanks.

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