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Hey everyone, i just wonder if anyone knows the sizes per disk, how many mb's cuz mine took 5gb, my cd 3 has a 1.4 gb size i dont know why

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If using standard CD's, a 1.4GB capacity is impossible. The max you could push out of a printed professional (not CDR) would be approx 700MB. 1.4GB is twice that, suggesting some kind of compression is being used somehow? Doubt it - are you sure your CD3 is not a DVD? I bought the UK package, and there were no DVD's contained in mine. Strange 🙄

Don444 Guest

no it is not a dvd, just that when i unistall it, my gegabyte on the computer would be 32.5 left, and then when i install it, its goes down all the way to 27.5 left, it took 5 gega bytes away, and its only with cd 3, i think, i just wanted to know the mb's per disk... to check if theres something wrong otherwise i will return it and ask for a new one.

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😎 Aloha Don, Dont quote me, but I believe that they indeed use a type
of compression, how else are they going to get in the whole world?
Anyway if it runs fine why worry? Just have some fun Flying. Unless you
have a really small drive,theres nothing to worry about as mine is just about the same as there is approx. 3gigs of scenery alone loaded by
FS. Hope this helps, Ric

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