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what could have happend here

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djcevera Trainee

i normally run fs2004 with no hick ups with a constant fram rate of at least 25 i installed radar contact last night and now i have fram rates that change from 20fps to 1 and back again this happens even when radar contact isnt even running help i cant even play anymore. could something have been corrupted and do you think i will need to reinstall fs9

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You might be getting a new program running in the background using up your resources.

Try using this.


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djcevera Trainee

wow this is very frustrating ive actually had to uninstall radar contact because it actually effected my pc performance which is weird considering that i have plenty or processor and ram speeds. aahhhhhhhhhhhh i just want to use the product that i bought.

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Alec Stelloh (Thunderbirdman2) First Officer

Did you even try what radar man said?

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djcevera Trainee

i did try it but ive just given up im sick of playing with laptops i went out and bought a new motherboard processor and most of every thing else that i would need to get a nice system going im shooting for the ability for fsx but im not sure i think i may still run fs9 until all the kinks are out of fsx. this is a work in progress so when the system is up and running i will post some screen shots. thanks for all of those who have helped me with all the issues i had with this damn laptop.

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