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Differential throttling on CH Yoke

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When I first installed FS2004 I went directly to the B737-400, being type-rated several years ago out in the real world. I immediately added the CH yoke, and had a great time programming all the buttons and switches. I assigned engine 1 throttle to the throttle lever, and engine 2 throttle to the prop control (the middle lever for those of you not familiar with the type). All worked fine, with differential power at my command through a flight demo we used for training.

After that month's programs were complete, and I had not "broken" anything, but didn't need everything to work right, I started to experiment. going to my first real-world type-rated airplane (many years ago) the DC-3. I still had differential throttles, making taxiing and flight easier and more realistic.

Fine, then on to my last real-world assignment - the King Air. Everything still worked.

Emboldened, I then went back to my roots - flying forest fire patrol in a Cessna 182 (since there was no C-185 available in the program). Ever since, I have lost the differential throttles for multi-engine flight, and FS2004 doesn't seem to offer me the opportunity to even reprogram the CH yoke controls for that option.

Any insights or suggestions?

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No, but maybe Radarman can help, Or look it up on the internet. Remember, Google is your FRIEND!

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