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hi all, i got a stupid problem with this multiplayer signing in thing.

i havé maked my player name and E-mail but when i have entered my password in and then pressed that sign-in button i get "you´r password must be less than 16 carachters and must be in alphanumeric format"

what should i do?

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Got the same problem. Don't know what to do.

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I really don't feel that I am qualified to answer anyone's questions, but I started over with a new email and joined SpyGame. I could not find any help when I contacted SpyGame, Microsoft, and the President (He didn't know either).
I joined the SpyGame Website and started over with another email address, went very slow with the instructions and some how it worked. When I bought the MSX, I didn't think I would have to join the SpyGame Website, but it worked and is still working. Hope that helps.
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Hey all,

I posted in another thread about FSHost. life has been good with this program. I've long forgot about GS. With GS you cannot record or reply flights. FShost you still have the benifit of the replay and record modes.

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