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Off the runway on takeoff

N711TT Guest

I have a recently developed problem. As I am starting my takeoff the plane begins to turn to the left. It responds to the joystick when I bring it back to the right but this never happened before. Anyone have a solution?

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Sometimes i have the same is how I solve it.... press alt..go to options..and then calibrate joystick, and move the joystick and rudder around until the the axises are centered...and thats it! click ok. Smile

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Yes, Scotteiboi is right, calibrating the Joystick nearly always helps... but also, sometimes I find this happens because I have accidentally "de-selected" one of my engines... !!

So only one engine is throttling, which pulls me off in one direction!

Just in case this is what happened!

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I have a Sidewinder FF 2, and get this problem if I don't power the stick up before starting FS9.
Calibrating sorts it out, though.

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I'm really big on this because it works!!!!

Assign diff brakes to the 2 left and right arrow keys (So you can easily get to them) At take off or during nading roll, 'tickle the diff brakes. I tell you it works great!!!!!!!

There is a bug in FS9 where the crosswind is worng, the effect on the plane. It behaves as if there is ice on the run way. BUT!!! when the nose wheel is on the ground, you have FULL and good control, BUT as soon as the nose whell leaves the ground, the rudder is not enough in a lot of cases. Idea

Trust me!!! this for all!! aircraft!!! ESPECIALLY the heavies!!!

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