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The air speed indicator on my Altitude Concorde has been faulty for a while and gives false readings. I want to try reinstalling that particular gauge to see if that fixes it but I'm not sure how. Any ideas?

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Do you know the filename of the faulty gauge?

If so, just search through your main FS9 folder to locate the gauge, and replace it with a fresh copy.

If you do not know the name of the gauge, browse to the "Panel" folder of the misbehaving aircraft and open up "Panel.cfg" with notepad.

First, find the section that you suspect contains the faulty gauge.

The Panel.cfg file will contain sections like

Code: [Window00]


Each of the sections contain all info required to build up the respective panel (Main panel, Radio stack, GPS window, Throttle quadrant, compass, overhead panel, etc.etc.)

Obviously, I suspect the speed indicator will be on the main panel, so read the section that has [WindowXX] and Ident Main_Panel (or similar) line by line until you stumble across a gauge of which you think "Hey that could be the one I am looking for".

You'll see something similar to:
Code: gauge00=Cessna208!Clock,2,83

Now Gauges can be organized in numerous ways and are normally located in the \FS9\Gauges\ folder (or subfolder thereof), but they can also be located in the \FS9\Aircraft\"myaircraft"\Gauges\ folder or in the \FS9\Aircraft\"myaircraft"\Panel\Gauges\ folder, although the last two examples are rare.

A single gauge with its own filename is easy to find, however it can also be that the particular gauge you're looking for is in fact contained within a .CAB, or .GAU file along with other gauges.

In example above, the gauge called Cessna208!Suction can be any of the following:

A file called Cessna208.Suction.gau
A file called Cessna208.gau that contains the suction gauge
A file called that contains the suction gauge.

If you can find any of these in the locations I mentioned earlier, this is the file you'd want to replace.

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