instrument only landings

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I want to hear from anyone who can land larger jets with instruments only, ie no external view and or poor visability. Tell me how the hell you do it!! Height isn't a huge prob but lining up the runway is! 😛

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Good luck with it, I can, and almost always do, land on instruments. I mainly fly large jets, like the 757, 747, and MD-88 class.


1. When ATC says something liek "WifeBeater 767, you are 32 Miles away. Turn right heading 105, descend and mantain 2,500 feet, cleared ILS runway 36R Approach". You have to click on your MAP icon in your cockipt. Then, move your mouse over the destination airport. Mind you, the airport MUST have the ILS feathers (thes are the green things that point to the runway). Double click on the airport. A list will show up. Scroll down the list untill you see a chart that shows Runway numbers. FInd 36R, or whatever your runway is. You look to the right and see a radio frequency. We'll use 100.100 because its easy to remember. Don't forget the frequency.

2. Open up your Radio Stack, and enter in 100.100 in the NAV1 Radio, usually the righmost radio number is the one that can be messed with. After you enter it 100.100, using the mouse wheel or clickin it. Press the button that looks like thsi somewhat, its in the middle of the 2 radio displays <-----> That changes the NAV1 Radio frequency from whatever it was, to what it is now (100.100)

3.Turn on the NAV1 Radio by clicking the switch at the bottom of the radio stack, unless its already on, like with the LearJet.

4. If you have Autopilot, and you are using GPS to follow waypoints, switch the NAV/GPS button back to NAV!!!! YOU CANT FORGET TO DO THAT!!! YOU'LL BURN AND DIE IF YOU DONT!!

5. Follow ATC directions to approach. Now, when you approach the Runway, you will see the pink arrows near your attitude indicator move...usually Heading first, then Altitude. Simply fly in the directon and atitude of the pink arrows intull they center themselves, that means you're on the glideslope!

6. If you wanna use the autopilot to fly the approach, simply follow steps 1-4, then click the APPR button on the autopilot panel.

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I love to do this. I have an aircraft that has an autopilot that is 90% real to that of it 'real' counterpart. It has the CAT III c autoland feature. This thing flares, cuts power,,, it is great.

BUT I also hand fly too. I do 0/0 landings. On the localizer, with a 'STABILIZED APPROACH" Very important. At 50 feet radalt, I chop power, flare 4 degrees and whammo!!!!! I don't even see the centerline lights until the nose comes down. It is FUN!!!!!!!

Yeah, sometimes it doesn't work out. But keep an eye on that localizer and NAIL it!!!!!

Some of the FS9 ILS's are not lined up. I am currently flying in Alaska and the LOC puts you in the grass.

Anyone ever fly an LDA or a SDF?

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il try it but i think i might crash and burn a few times before i fet it right! Cheers

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I hear ya brotha!

I have a plane that has a full auotoland feature. If!!! the ILS is alligned properly, this is realy good fun.

"A pilot must learn from others mistakes. One WILL not live long enough to make all the mistakes themself in order to learn to fly proficiently".

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Elkin, you ought to join up the site bud! You sound like a great sim pilot! We could use somebody like you...heck, I'm not on all the time to answer or try and point people in the right direction if they have jet related or ILS questions! That way, people could PM you and stuff.

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Thank you Fire_emblem That is of a great benifit to I am so excited to try it on tonight

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It is a coincidence that you mentioned joining. I in fact just now saw your advice. Well advised though. I explained thoroughly why I joined.

Grazi mein Freund.


1- Fly direct to the navaid that is at or near the airport
2 -Upon reaching the navaid, turn outbound and fly paralelling the runway you want to do the ils to. (Track the LOC outbound)
3- Go down to 2500 feet (Consider terraign)
4- Go out 10 miles and do a teardrop turn to where you are heading towards the inbound course at a 45 degree angle to intercept the LOC needle.

Have the HSI/OBS, markers, I.D, NAV setup and 'Cleared for the approach!!

Or, you can follow an approach chart/ATCvectors.

BTW. Some autopilots can only capture the glideslope from underneeth.

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