Spot view is crashing my aircraft

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I have recently installed Tropical sims' Cancun for FSX but everytime i load a flight at a gate and i go to spot view, the aircraft crashes into nothing at all! It says 'Building Crash'. I even loaded the flight at the aircraft at the active runway but its still crashes when i move the view to spot plane. Loading the flight at other gates will not even load at all as it comes up with an error message saying "Cannot load flight at this location due to objects in the way" or something along those lines.

Any ideas why this could be?

I have posted this here as i think that the problem could be a general problem to do with something being duplicated rather than an add-on specific problem.

Please help.

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If it only happens at that airport then it's a scenery problem.
Try a different runway.
If it works everywhere else then it's the scenery.


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