How do I get my aircraft detail back?

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Hello ,

No matter where I place the slider in the settings low detail to high detail, my aircraft looks the same.

The aircraft detail (paint and stripes) are blurry and undefined even if I move the aircraft settings up to very detailed.

When I first istalled FSX the aircraft had lots of detail, but now no matter how I "tweak" the setings there is no detail.

How do I get my detailed aircraft back? All of my other stettings are set low so I should have enouph space.

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Posting the question in more than one forum isn't going to help.
It's been answered.


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Aye Aye Radarman.

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If you turn up the "global texture resolution" to med, high or max this will help. It doesn't seem to degrade frame-rate much at all either.

Will try n send you my settings later provided I can get on the net at home and this forum/mcafee allows me to post


🙂 You could try to change you AGP aperture size in your BIOS; the same happened to me and that corrected the issue.(If you don't know how to open your BIOS get HELP)

But remember the compromize! Perfornmance vs. detail
Good luck 😉

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