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I have FSX and running it on a 3.2Ghz P4 HT whit 1536MB Ram, 256MB Asus Geforce 7900GS, and i have problem sometimes, my system lags and run out af system memory. so FSX needs a mega fast computer, the minium system that microsoft says is neded is not right you cant run it on a 1Ghz whit 512MB Ram and a cheap graphic card under 70$. so if you want FSX download the demo first and see for your self, before spending money on it

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Depends on how high you have your settings. I run 3 desktops, one I built to run FS9 and FSX on, and yes it is a high spec, BUT before I built it, I ran FS9 and FSX on a bog standard set up wit an AMD +2800 cpu, 1 Gig of mem, and a geForce 6800 AGP graphics card, (still runs on there, keep it as a backup). The fps was low around 15 with most settings down low, but it was still usable.

As I said at the start, depends how high you have the settings.

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