SGA DC10-30 "...82903 Pounds over gross weight"


I've had this plane for a while in both Pan Am and Western liveries and love it! I especially enjoy the great wing views! 😀

I still have not figured out how to get the beacon fix to work but an even bigger issue is that, when setting up a flight, I get a warning message in the Fuel and Payload box that says;

"***Warning: 82903 Pounds over gross weight".

I usually set all of the fuel settings to 60 or 70% and lower some of the cargo weights. This plane will never get off the ground in time without doing so!

Question is, is there a way to lower the weight and then set as default? Is this a common issue or did I install incorrectly?


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I been through what you're going through. When I discovered that the Airbus A380 has lower fuel capacity than the actual one, I changed the code in the aircraft.cfg. You can actually manipulate the code in there believe it or not. Well first, there will be some numbers that identify the coordinates where the fuel tanks will be. You have to adjust them some way or another. Just remember that the negative numbers will be on the left side of the plane and the positive on the right. The position of the left fuel tanks have to be the opposite of the right one. For example, -1 on the left side and 1 on the right. Also the vertical coordinates will be negative as you go from the front of the plane to the back. If you adjust the coordinates of the fuel tanks, this will affect the position of the center of gravity, hopefully to get it centered so that your plane takes off. If the CG is on the nose, then it won't take off. If CG is on the tail, your plane will flip over. I hope this helps.

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Oh by the way about the over weight problem, look for the max weight in the weight and balance section of the aircraft.cfg. You can change the max weight over there.


OK thanks. I've never tried to change anything in the aircraft.cfg before. Guess it's time I try! However, I'm not sure I even know how to access the aircraft.cfg, let alone modify it. 🙄

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PS. You can change the fuel flow rate also in the aircraft.cfg so the plane can burn little fuel and fly farther if you want to. Look for the fuel flow scalar in the general engine data section of the aircraft.cfg. Eample fuel flow scalar is 1, which means the plane is burning 10,000 gallons of fuel per hour-change that to a .2-burns 2,000 gallons of fuel per hour-huge difference.

It worked on the Airbus A380 I have in my flightsim. It can definitely fly farther than the actual one.


OK, thanks. But can you tell me how to get to the place to change the aircraft.cfg? Every time I think I've found it, I get a "unknown file format" message popping up. I've been trying to access like this:

"My Computer"
Program Files
Microsoft Games
Pick an aircraft
Try to open "aircraft.cfg"
Get "unkown file format" dialogue box

Any help would be appreciated


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Right-click on the .cfg file and open with Notepad. All .cfg files will open with Notepad.


That did the trick....thanks! 😀

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