Fly Away Simulation

that pop up doens't work for me

avont645876546 Guest

so i can't use that to see if i can run fsx, i have

athlon xp 1500+ 1.33ghz processor
1 gig of ram
128 MB ati radeon 9000
windows xp s2

i tried the demo, it ran ok, but the graphics were like super s****y, like the plane looked OK, but the groud textures were really shi**y

and that pop up link doesn't work with me

think i could run fsx with this rig??

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CRJCapt Chief Captain

No. Flight Simulator X(FSX) was designed for future computers running Microsoft Vista and utilizing Direct X 10 video cards. FSX is very demanding on computer, more so than any other program that I've ever seen, almost none of present day computers can run FSX with all features at maximum. Many people with fairly fast computers are complaining about the performance of FSX. The requirements on the box for FSX are worthless. To run FSX with good performance, you'll need a Intel 3.0 processor(or AMD equivalent), 2 GB RAM and a 512 MB video card. You won't be able to run at the Ultra high settings but it should give you satisfactory performance. With lesser computers, you'll have to run at the minimal or low settings. With a 1.3 processor and a 128 MB video car, I wouldn't even try it. I would run Flight Simulator 2004.

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