FSX and SLI are not friends....

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Hey everyone, I recently upgraded my main PC components and very pleased with the performance of SLi in other game applications. BUT not with FSX!!! It seems that FSX does not support SLI technology. This is sad, but the good news is that I can run FSX with one 7800GT with medium settings and good FPS. SLi and FSX are not friends. Crying or Very sad Here is a great article by Steve Lacey (former programmer for FS at MS)....Super guy too, I would love to meet him someday. Surprised

PS: I would assume Crossfire has the same problem. Oh by the way all of you dual-core cpu's....FSX does not support you either. Let's see who made this sim???? (Microsoft) hmmm......perhaps we have to wait for Vista SP2 and DX10b and probably a unified Microsoft graphics card too, in order to really enjoy the graphics??? All made by whom???? Our friendly buddy Bill Gates. 😉

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Damn that sucks, I was planning on getting sli for my 7900's GS's.
FSX might not support dual core but you can set it to. pm me for info. 😀
oh and by the way fs is published and edited by microsoft, but made by ACES studios, just like the train sim 😉

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Yes, I knew ACES was the core behind the Sim, I just find it ironic with humor that Microsoft is backbone for these complaints about the sim running on low FPS on high settings. With Vista and DirectX10 being the 'answer' to better performance. I certainly would not purchase Vista just to be able to run the sim better. I have too much invested in other PC games that run really well on XP. For now XP and I are going to chill together. I am in no hurry to upgrade to Vista. I also think it's terrible that DX10 is not going to be available for XP. Microsoft is basiclly forcing you in the future to purchase Vista to support this among other things.

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I see a marked improvement on my system between having SLI turned off and SLI turned on. I am running 2 x 8800 GTX nVidia cards and the FPS increase is noticable as with the decrease in lag.

The benchmarks used in the few posts I have read on this on other web sites often ignore the fact that your CPU is actually the limitting factor as most graphics fiends would know. You can cram the latest graphics cards and get quad-SLI and if you don't have a CPU and motherboard chipset to back it, you will see no increase at all.

But I can tell you firmly that SLI does have an effect on FSX and it's enough to be well noticed (ie 20fps to 32~fps). At least that's in my experience with my system in question. Dual-core CPUs is where the application needs to be programmed for the CPU and in the case of FSX, sure they didn't put in multi-threading so the only benefit you get from Dual/Quad-core CPU systems is that there will be less overhead to contend with other applications running on your system as FSX can use more CPU bandwidth but the increase is not a tonne.

SLI though for sure works and the article above that was linked basically just says "It wasn't programmed into FSX because the software doesn't care, nVidia's drivers handle the SLI" ie it isn't saying it won't work just the support isn't their problem it's the driver's.

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