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Hello all

I defiantly plan to buy Vista (Ultimate) and was wondering if anyone else has taken the brave step before me?

If anyone has did FSX run any better or is it a waiting game for DX10?



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Buying Vista right now is suicide! there have been serious audio driver issues and graphics issues as well.

I heard it does this to you....... Poke in Eye

I also heard from time to time it will do this ...... Hack

I would NOT recommend getting it right away. BUT there are others who will tell you it's the best thing to hit planet earth since the atomic bomb.

Good Luck!

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If you want it, get it!!! Vista is pretty much for the manufacturer-built systems for now. They released the software mostly because there are a lot of system builders out there and 90% of them uses aftermarket soundcards like Creative, M-Audio and Auzentech. Vista software doesn't come with those certain soundcard drivers, so you won't get any sound. However, the cd the motherboard came with will have the necessary driver files....... IF you still have that motherboard cd!!!! Once you load Vista into your system, run your motherboards' CD. It should work fine.

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Vista runs fine on my self-built machine. And has done for nearly 2 months.

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