New Upgrade, feedback please

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Well my other gear gave out (I'll use it to create a back up for the wife) and I needed an new MB so I thought I would upgrade. I know there are much better stuff out there but what should I expect from FSX with the following?

Motherboard: ASUS M2V-MX
CPU: AM2 AMD Athlon 64X24200+
Memory: 1G STT DDR2-667 64x8Micron
VID: ASUS GeForce 7600GT 256mb DDR3 PCI Express
PWS: HIPRO True 400w
Sound: SB Gamer (Kept the same card)
HDD: WDJB 80g 7200rpm (Same HDD)
Same Optical: Lite-On 52x24x52 (2 drives)

I don't have time to load FSX tonight so I'll see tomorrow but just wondering if anyone has similar specs.?

BTW, I copy all files to HDD with an older DVD drive then pull it out, I'll get eventually though. That's why I didn't mention it.
Thanks for any and all comments.

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for 30-40 bucks more, you can be looking at a 7900GS instead of the 7600GT.


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Had to buy it local, my wife had a final exam tonight and all I had were AGP cards. I'll upgrade soon but I needed to get up and running.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If your going to run Vista you'll need another 2 gig of ram.
Get a 750w power supply so that everything can run at it maximum.


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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

look at my Sig, Thoes are my specs.

FSX Eat's up the Processor like it hasn't eatenfor a week.

I have "Scenery" settings on Default and traffic settings about mid point, I think the scenery looks alright but the bestthing is, I'm locked at 33FPS and i'm getting 18 -> 25fps


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Got it loaded,
With the Beech King sitting on deck at NAS Oceans FPS set to unlimited and all in-game sliders maxed, 1280x1024 res. (Video Card) AS 2Q and AA 4x I get about 16-18 as I go down the runway it never falls below 12 and really doesn't stutter at all. I'll tweak to get the max out of it but I'm pretty happy.

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