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Livewire Airlines, established in 2000, continues to grow, and is now welcoming pilots looking for a purpose.

We offer some amazing benefits that other VAs just can't compete with:
4 separate divisions, spanning the globe
dozens of aircraft and routes, from short hops to long hauls
a complete pilot experience including flight pay, promotions, and careers
employment above that of pilot, including hub management, flight development, and aircraft painters
a forum community unrivaled in the VA universe
a dedicated LiveATC system in addition to VATSIM, where rookie pilots can get their feet wet
you get virtual $$ for flying, so you might as well invest it, including Livewire stocks and even purchasable shares of individual aircraft.

It's free, it's fun, and it offers a purpose to flying FS like no other. Livewire Airlines. Take your free tour today: (Click on preview and follow the instructions!)

Sr. 1st Officer Dave Lafferty, Recruiting Officer and Public Relations
If you need any help or questions feel free to post here and I will help you. Thank you for your time.

Pro Member Chief Captain
Karlw Chief Captain

which one is this im la-3620 lol 😂


no this is LA-1957

Guest Guest

Why are there so many airplanes in your fleet?

Pro Member Chief Captain
bawls327 Chief Captain

because they cant make up their minds on what airplane is their favorite.


no so your not limited to one type and each plane has 4 differnt paint schemes one for each division we have.

i will be 1! Guest

Hello e-mail me at
i would like to join for a time to see


come on everyone you know you want to join

N391HI Guest

I don't think everyone wants to join. The website takes too much effort to navigate.


It's not really that hard to navigate.

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