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Mission Trailer: Earthquake!

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From the developer of Palm 90, Boston Skyscraper Fire and Grand Teton Fire Brigades comes the biggest, baddest new mission for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

View the kick-ass video trailer here:

Mission Briefing:

On October 19, 1989 ... ABC Sports’ Al Michaels was broadcasting the opening of the 1989 World Series when suddenly all hell broke loose. On the air, Michaels announced that San Francisco was experiencing a large earthquake. It turned out to measure 6.9 on the Richter Scale.

The entire city was affected … fires broke out all over – with a very large fire in the Marina district. A large portion of the Nimitz Freeway collapsed, trapping people in cars and under concrete. Roads and bridges all over the city became impassible.

This documentary mission recreates those events … in stunning detail. Strap into your Jet Ranger. The fire department needs you to help ferry victims to area hospitals.

Due for release soon!

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Mark Hyder (markhyder) Trainee

can not wait.

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Todd (ohboy710) Trainee

the link on this no longer works

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Heyjoojoo First Officer

it was October 17, 1989, not the 19. It wasn't as bad as it could have been. I live about 100 miles northeast of where the epicenter was, in an area locally known as the east bay.

I shutter to think what a quake similar in size will do to our area if it were much closer, say 10 miles from me on the Hayward fault like we had just a few weeks ago. Awakened at 4:42 in the morning by a noisy quake. Things to come for us, I think.

Interesting trailer though.

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