Couple of questions.

Studders Guest

Im new to the flight sim game, loving it completely but i still dont understand a few things so i thought i would ask here. The first is about airport runways, on free flight mode lets say i wanna go from humberside airport to London gatwick. How do i find my way there and once a runway has been assigned how do i know which 1 that is?

2 - When im flying something like a 737, how do i use the autopilot to stay at a certain altitude instead of constantly holding the stick?

3 - In the helicopter sumtimes it seems to go out of control for no reason and spiral, is this an error on my part?


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Studders Guest

Another thing was when i get asked to taxi to a runway, how do i know which 1 to go to?

x pilot Guest

for taxing, open the atc panel and there should be a option there to turn on/off progresive taxi.. then you will see arrows on the ground leading out to the active runway for you to take off from, or when you land to the terminal!

helicopters are hard to fly, you require gentle inputs to left/right yawing. might be worth reading up on some helicpoter basics of flight so you understand the principles of flight... ( the only reason why helicopters fly is because the so ugly the earth repels them)...

as for the auto pilot,make sure your heading swith is engaged and then you should be able to ajust the heading and the aircraft will turn under its own steam, check in learning to fly menu or what ever and under there it should have a topic on how use different things around the cockpit, radios etc..

if that does not help then i can give a more detailed advice on that...

happy flying and practice flying the chopper..

futurepilot Guest

What I have to say is fly all the tutorials. They can be found in the Missions column. Also, for general things like the Autopilot, the Learning Center has the information you need. If you haven`t already gone to Getting Started in the Learning Center and then clicked on I`m new to Flight Simulator; I suggest you do that. Taking the Lessonsfrom FSX helps, too. And finally, practice, practice, practice! All of this might take a lot of time, but it`s well worth it. The questions you have above will be answered the correct way if you do that, and before you know it, you`ll be an expert FSX pilot, too. Usually, all the questions are more advanced on this website, but I`m glad you posted a basic one, to help new FS pilots.

Studders Guest

Thanx for all them answers guys its much appreciated, if you have more advice iam willing to listen and for now im gonna take a peek into the learning centre.

Studders Guest

1 more thing, ive just flown a flight from gatwick to coventry as a test flight for autopilot, then i thought i wud give this ILS a go. I used the approach guide and i received an instruction which said:

Bombardier J70, you are 18 miles southwest. Turn left heading 080, Descend and maintain 1,600 Cleared ILS runway 5 approach. Maintain 1,6000 until established on Localizer.

After this message i realized that i wasnt lined up with a runway and when i asked for airport direction i had flown by it, at which point do i have to enter the runway heading?

Any help on making this clear is appreciated.

7dream8lier7 Guest

I have had some of the same problems that you are having, but with FS9. When I am flying IFR, the ATC will clear me to land on runway 4R, for example, but I will be flying at a heading of 065, and they will never tell me when to turn left to line up with the runway.

Also, recently when flying in the Bell helicopter over St. Maarten, I went into a hover, and kept it for about a minute or two. Then the helicopter went into a spiral and started gaining altitude like crazy, so I pot the throttle to ilde, but it still kept going up. After it did this for at least 5 minutes I checked the map, and it said that I was at 98,000 ft. A helicopter could never fly that high, so it must be a problem with the game. To get back down I switched to the Sailplane, and glided into a perfect landing at Princess Juliana.

x pilot Guest

make sure your nav 1 radio is tuned for the localizer, if have the gps up with the approach set in you should see your position to reference the runway heading! watch the localizer need move when you start crossing/getting near the radial, the need should swing to the left if you are approaching from the left for argument sake, intercept this then keep the needle centred then you should intercept the glidescope and watch the needle go up or down, keeping the 2 needles cetered should bring you down to the PAPI on the runway ish, you should see the runway well before this then happy landings...

big airports like heathrow and that on some of the runways you can do automatic landings, punch everything into the autopilot and radio and it will fly you on the gorund, once on the ground disingage the auto throttlr and pilot and hit the spoilers and reverse thrust..

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You an get helicopter lessons and great downloads here.


Studders Guest

Thanx x pilot for that, im still not 100% on this tho, is there any information in the learning center that describes this process? i cant find anything myself but i think im lookin in the wrong place.

x pilot Guest

if thats for flying the helcopter, have you looked in tutorials for flying helicoters, then should give you a step by step into flying them things, to be honest i have not done tutorials, as i used to fly in real life so just with knowing power settings etc you can figure it out to fly in fs... as i said practice, might be easier for you to tune the sensitivity for flight controls when it comes to flying the helios, if flight controls are to sensitive then its easy to get out of control. i have decided they are fun to fly, but getting some rudder pedals will make a difference, easier to control and more realsim...

for the autopilot>

say for instance you have created a flight from london to manchester and you are in a 737... you are at the gate and have requested taxi etc and the controller says fly runway heading climb to 5000ft etc

preset the autopilot,

in the altitude window put in 5000ft..

in the heading window scroll through till you have the runway heading...

vertical speed window, put in your desired clim rate...

in the speed window put in 250kt as this is what you should be at under 10000ft...

taxi to the runway take off bla bla...

once in the air gear up etc

click the heading,speed,altitude,vertical speed buttons then engage the AT(autothrottle) and autopilot master switch and George should take over and fly for you while you sit back and relax after take off as there is alot to do and think of to try make the flight as real as possible..

from there you can fly to where ever you going by changing the headings etc to whatever atc tells you too..

thats very basic, you can switch the nav/gps switch for the aircraft to fly on a nav heading or on the gps track etc... more complicated

get used to what i have tried to help you with then can teach you some more,

i hope it makes sence, let me know

Studders Guest

Yea i can manage all of that and like i sed the main problem is just the landing. Im pretty sure i know when to press the APP button now but the aircraft never seems to descend or slow down, all it does is line up. The odd occasion it lands but its goin too fast so i have to take of again which is annoying. Even tried using GPS and that helped a bit but im new to that system

x pilot Guest

start slowing down before intercepting localizers etc, make sure you at the correct alttude etc, should find this the approach plate.

is the at still on when touching down, disingage this before dochdown so that you can manually in/dec power, to fly a approach in IFR you need a sound knowledge of the instruments and the approach, once you have grasped this then IF flying is great and a reward when you land and you have not seen the ground!

it is quite hard to try and explain how to do a full approach, easier to talk and draw, possibly want to set up a multiplayer session then we can do a couple of approaches and i can talk you through it!

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