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Could anyone recommend...

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Bindolaf Captain

1) A good, small jet plane? Good meaning well done as far as textures, panels (virtual too) are concerned and small means bigger than a Lear jet, smaller than a 737... perhaps one of the usual shuttles? A small Airbus or DC?

2) A good (again, well done) prop, perhaps a bigger one, a vintage plane, whatever you think?

Lots of planes I download are ok, but how about your favorites that excel?


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There are always some nice aircraft here. Download one or more see what you like then we can help with finding the same aircraft with all the "toys" you want.


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The Cessna Citation X (payware, download only) is awesome, but not cheap.

You can easily find it on the Internet by tracing on "Citation X add-on".

I ain't got it as I can't dowload but a friend has and it's rare to get a good small, jet add-on.

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