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To everyone who provided me with advice and websites to look at about repainting, just want to say thankyou for all your help and your time.

I have now worked out how to use the DXT.BMP program and how to use Photoshop with it so hopefully I might be able to produce something a little more exciting, if not more "colourful" 🙂

Once again thanks to all, especially Radarman, CRJPilot, Tailhook and Brownbox. Cheers and good flying !


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Post some screenshots of your new paints once you've finished them.


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No problem RadarMan, I will as soon as I figure out another small problem 😞 I get into the DXT.BMP and open the appropriate texture file, then move the texture to the editing program, do the edits I want and save what I have done back into the texture file I created under the aircraft type in FS 2004 BUT, when I open my new aircraft in FS all I am getting is a blank model with no paint work 😞

I have checked everything I am doing and think I am doing everything as per the tutorials I have read, yet dont seem to have had any sucess in getting them saved properly so they appear in FS.

I thought I had it figured out but, apparently I dont. Will just have to keep working at it, but I WILL get it very soon. I hope !

Cheers again

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There's the possibility that the aircraft.cfg hasn't been edited correctly - an oversight perhaps.

If you inform us exactly which aircraft is concerned, the filename and the file library would be very helpful, one of us who has the aircraft (which is very likely), could compare and troubleshoot.

In any case I would suggest you post the aircraft.cfg, it's possible that we find the problem by just looking at that Geek


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Hi Tailhook and yes I agree, I am missing something but I dont know what. Here is exactly what I do ... hope this helps:

1. Go to the Aircraft File within FS2004
2. Click on the plane I want to repaint
3. Open the CGF file and copy one of the texture files
4. Rename the copied texture to a new variation (as shown)

5. Create a NEW TEXTURE folder in the aircratf folder (as shown)

6. Close Windows Explorer and open the DXT.BMP program
7. Open the C176_T file from the new Texture Folder (as shown)

8. Send the texture to my editing program (Photoshop) and make the changes I want to make
9. Click on "SAVE" in Photoshop
10. Close Photoshop and go back to the DXT.BMP window
11. Click on "Reload after Edit"
12. Click on "SAVE AS" then "EXTENDED BITMAP"
13. Save the changes to the C176_T file in the new texture folder

That is what I do everytime and for the first four or five times everything saves perfectly. After that though I get a scrambled repaint. EVERYTHING in the C176_T file appears on the repaint (sorry I dont have a shot to show you of that) But everythign in that file Pilot textures,wings, everything appears on my repaint 😞

As I said, the first 4 or 5 saves I do everything works well and it even appears in FS2004 as a New flying plane.

What am I doing wrong or is it my programs ?

Cheers and thanks for your time, I really do appreciate this.

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I have just spent the past four or so hours working on a repaint, and this is the end result (as I was explaining above) ...

I had done three saves and on the fourth - thisd happened. It doesnt show that way in DXT.BMP, only when I load up FS2004. The only odd thing that happend was when I clicked SAVED (in photoshop) I got the Photoshop save window asking me to save the texture in something called "norm" ????? Other than that, everything was as I explained above.


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I'm sorry Wombat I can't help you with this particular issue -- thanks to your last picture I now understand what your struggling with as I have seen this before in repaints I had downloaded.
According to what you said earlier on:

wombat457 wrote:

...BUT, when I open my new aircraft in FS all I am getting is a blank model with no paint work...

I thought that there is merely a mistake in the aircraft.cfg.

I've come across the "blank model with no paint work" many a time and the causes were either an empty texture folder, or missing .BMPs.

In most of those cases however, it was simply an incorrect entry in the aircraft.cfg file. Had this been the problem here, I could have figured out where the culprit hides - but you seem to have this down pat already.

Though attempted many times, I've never actually learned how to do repaints. I do remember reading in several posts that apparently the procedure when repainting default aircraft, such as your C-172, is different compared to other aircraft. Whether this is because of the presence or absence of a paintkit, or of what kind of paintkit is being used (apparently there are different types of paintkits) or whether this is a "Microsoft-Thing" - I really don't know.

When I look into the texture folders of none-default aircraft, I notice that they contain many more .BMPs than those of the default aircraft. It also occurs to me that there are relatively few repaints for default aircraft available in the file libraries. Makes me wonder why 🤔

I am aware that my musings aren't of any help to you - my apologies. Hopefully someone with repainting experience will read this topic and be able to point you in the right direction. Help!

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Thanks Tailhook, your reply is eye opening. I didnt realise that repainting defauls was different to repainting any other plane. I basically thought repainting a plan was just that - so I learnt something more.

I am sort of glad that you have seen my problem before too, at least I now know that it may nit be something that I am doing wrong and could just be a file issue with FS Default models. Looks like I will have to down laod a plane to repaint and see how that goes 🙂

ALso thanks for confirming that it appears as though I am doing everything right - that is reassuring and has rekindled my enthusiasm for perservering with this. I was about to thow "re-painting" out the door as being way too frustrating and stressful 🙂

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Oops! Just realized that though we've been talking bitmaps, you're probably running FSX in which case you might need a Plug-in for PS to handle the .dds files.
Haven't really delved into it yet, but you might wanna keep this handy for times of need 😀

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Thanks Tailhook,

No, your right - we were talking about bitmaps for FS2004 🙂

But thanks for the photoshop plugin though - I didnt realise that FSX used a different format. Is that the same for other places too ? Why I ask is because I have downloaded an Open Sky Project paint kit to try, do you know if they are bitmap, .dds or are they something else ? Actually, dont worry 😞 all I have to do is check the properties on the testure files to find that out 🙂

Thanks again though Tailhook, once again you have taught me something else

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