FS2004 keeps giving me a BSOD and then rebooting my computer



AMD athalon XP 1.5Ghz processor
128megs PC3200 ram
Windoze XP Pro
ATI Rage Mobility P/M AGP 2x card

ok, i just got FS2004 installed. I have directX 9.0c, the latest version, and I can sucessfully start FS2004 and get through the menu, pick out my plane and airport and everything. but when i get to see out of the cockpit on the runway, the scren is spitting polygons all over the place and if i throttle up and release the brakes, you know, start moving, it gives me a quick blue screen (not the famous microsoft BSOD, but something else) all i can catch off of it is something about atidrab.dll, then after displaying that screen for like a second, my computer reboots itself. Its driving me nuts, i've looked for new drivers, i have the last one made for this card. do I need to get a new video card? I think this card is a laptop card, but its a desktop PC...i've boosted my refresh rate to 75htz, turned down hardware acceleration two notches, even tried going down to 800x600 resolution (ick..) btu it still does it!! any suggestions?

and if it is my video card, is a Niveda GeForce FX 5200 a good card for running flight sim '04? whats the best card under $175 i can slap i there?

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Obviously atidrab.dll has to do with your rather ancient card.
I would get a new one, I'm a ATI person so my Nvidia knowledge is limited but from what I've read on this site most don't think to much about the 5200. Go for something a little higher.
I have the ATI Radeon Pro 9800 128mb, that should run about $200 right now.
As for an Nvidia card that's comparable.
I would wait for some other members or TTT to give their 2ยข.


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Personally, I would stick to ATI over nVidia. I have had both, and felt the Radeon to be a tad faster than the GeForce - some would say with the loss of some shading effects however. I didn't see it personally, but my eyes aint the best 🙄
I only have a Radeon 9600 Pro 256, but I can run FS9 pretty high, all sliders maxed, traffic maxed etc. @ 1024x768x32.
You can pick up Radeon 9800 Pro 128's at for less than $200 now, and you wouldn't be disappointed!
For argument's sake, though. The nVidia card comparable to the 9800 Pro is the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra. (Bit pricey IMHO)

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😀 Fs9 would run with a fx5200 and with nearly all the bells and whistles(Go way back in the forum)
I have read that ATI is better at Direct X and Nvidia better at openGL games fs9 being Direct X

Check out tomshardware guide and buy the best you can afford

I use a fx5900GS and its very,very good but a bit pricey

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