Any flights planned over the weekend?

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Think I'll do a 747, Heathrow to Vancouver International, IFR, High.

That'll keep me busy for a few hours.

My first 'long haul' in a flight sim............

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Everytime i try to do a long haul flight from Manchester UK to Orlando Sanford, Florida, the flight planner gives me silly routes to get there? The only logical one is via GPS (more or less the exact route the actual airline use) and not High or Low Airways. Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong or if its another Glitch?


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i get the same problem, i just go with gps, i dont use the airways as they take you all over the place, you could see on the internet if you can see a jepperson route manual and look at the real airways and compare them, or note all the headings and frequencies for vor/adf and the like and then spend ages putting them into the gps and doing it that way, but easier to go direct...

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Does real flying count? Doing a short fly-in from KFTY to KLZU. Of course, did it on FS first. 😀

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not 100% sure what you are trying to ask..

shrt flights depending there doesnt seem to be a problem that i have found foe the routes i fly... so you just have to see if you notice anything strange...

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