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Rolling Starts!?!?!

Pro Member First Officer
waj2306 First Officer

After programming a "Free Flight", and after it loads, the aircraft is immediately rolling and I have to hit the Ctrl/. (parking brake) as quickly as I can. This always puts the aircraft too far, if not on top of, the pushback tractor and into the gate itself. Have I missed a programing requirement or can this be fixed?

Pro Member First Officer
astrosteve First Officer

yea, same here my aircraft is not in park at the start either. I have to do the exact same thing. I am sure this is an issue that will be fixed in the next patch.


Pro Member First Officer
waj2306 First Officer

Thanks, Astrosteve. I guess we all are waiting on a ton of "fixes"!

Pro Member First Officer
Llain First Officer

I am not sure this is a bug in FSX as this never happens to me.
Check that your joystick is calibated correctly, do you have the latest drivers for your joystick.

Pro Member First Officer
oldsamer First Officer

Humm, I think it depends on how you "parked" before the last save.

At the end of a session at a destination I want as default free flight start, I set parking brake, shutoff fuel, turn mag to off, and open door.

At start of next session, no matter the plane or location, those are the conditions I find when "fly now".

What's fun is to save about 1 sec before touch down. That's what you get at every startup.

Pro Member First Officer
waj2306 First Officer

Llain: I have the Saitek ST290 Pro. It came with no drivers. I have calibrated it using the FSX calibration, and it seems to be working fine.

Oldsamer: Thanks for the headsup! I'll be sure to use your advise to the letter!

futurepilot Guest

This has happened to me before. If you find that the autopilot is on, then you need to go to a mission or something where you turn the autopilot off at the end. Also, check to be sure that your joystick throttle is at 0% thrust. If it`s not that, then it`s just the engine start up, and that`s completely normal(except for your plane going too far)for starting a free flight; you just have to set brakes until it stops. Hope this helps, and if it doesn`t, let me know.

Pro Member First Officer
Charlie10 First Officer

Are you all fully throttling back?

Pro Member Captain
Doyley Captain

The parking brake not being engaged on start is a bug in FSX.

Pro Member First Officer
Charlie10 First Officer

Not on mine

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