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Being retired, I find myself looking for things to get into. I was given, as a gift, FSX, and immediatly fell in love! Thinking it was as simple as plugging a joystick in and loading the program onto my fine, homebuilt computer, I was anxcious to get in the pilots seat and FLY! The joystick and loading was a snap. When I double clicked the FSX icon all the hidden demons came forth. First was the "where is the manual for this thing", then the wings on my 747 looked like they were in pieces, and when I started a free flight, I rolled straight through the terminal and over all the ground equipment. Along the way I have hit and missed every guage and lever in each aircraft (some I use not knowing why)! I have sat for hours looking at a panel while in flight and wondered what a lot of the acronyms on the guages stood for. I have, in the past week, installed a new graphics board, more memory, and cleaned every nook and cranny to get more power and fps. I have come to the conclussion: I LOVE IT! It, along with all the great people in this forum, have started me on the road to a great hobby. I look forward to learning more about flight simulation, and with this form, I will succed.

Thanks to all

Command Sergeant Major W.A. Jones (US Army, Retired)

p.s. If anyone can explin to me, in simple terms, how to fly hands free, i would greatly appreciate it!

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😀 I have the feeling that your was I after the first flight of FS9.


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Tailhook Chief Captain

Great story waj2306, lovely written, very entertaining and many of us can relate to it. Thanks for sharing those moments when you got your feet wet.

waj2306 wrote:

p.s. If anyone can explin to me, in simple terms, how to fly hands free, i would greatly appreciate it!

As this hobby can become very complex - you've already experienced some of it - when you ask for assistance, the more details / info you can give us, the better we'll be equipped to figure out how to do things or find the information that pertains to your request.

Which aircraft do you want to fly hands free, I'm guessing you want to learn about AP (autopilot) and/or other navigational devices?

I think the best way to tackle this is if you start using the Learning Center and ask particular questions here in the forums when you get stuck.
You can ask anything at any time but, as already mentioned, the more info you give us the smoother things will run. Flightsimming is much more enjoyable when the frustration can be reduced.

Happy flying 🍻

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Thanks to you both for the advice and confidence. I'll gather my thoughts and questions and all the details I can and wecan kick the tires and light some fires! I have two aircraft that strikes my fancy: The 747 and CRJ's.
When I get the inquiries in order, I'll place them in the appropriate forum subcatagory. Thanks for taking the time to respond....and remember: Parachutes are the last, best means to overcome gravity!

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"Things to get into"?
What,, ya got no weeds in Pennsylvania? For every hour I am allowed to play flying, I'm supposed to hoe weeds (on 2 acres) for 2 hours and PT the horses.

Maybe you started the wrong aircraft, with that flying palace. For a real challenge try the Cub with all the realism slid to the brutal side and crash enabled. Try taxing without see where you are going in a plane that flops over making a turn. 95% of my crashes occur turning onto the active!. But once you get her in the air, it's easy to fly hands off, once trimmed out, just point the fuel stick at the horizon.

I've played computer games for 20years. FSx exercises a computer more than any game I've seen. Just ordered another motherboard to hold the whopper 8800GTX vid card. Current intel board won't power 4 dimms reliably at 800 mhz. God only knows how much I will spend on this game, but like you, I do love it. Got burned out replaying Battlefield VietNam. With a kid in Iraq I'am trending towards non-violent diversion.

Welcome aboard, Maybe by spring we can learn enough to venture out into multiplayer airspace.

SFC Greeson (US Army, Retired)

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Oldsamer!.....Hey Troop! I have the perfect retirement.....all the kids are gone and the wife is working full time! WHAT A LIFE! I pay someone to cut and trim the 5 acres, and the car and truck are, I guess this is my NEW duty station. As far as multiplayer.....give me some stick time, and we should fly from Fort Bragg to Fort hood or wherever, in the Learjet 45. Glad to see another grunt!

When in a Marine! hehehehehe!

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oldsamer First Officer

Kids are never really gone, just wait.

They ether have fights with daughters-in-law (who you hear from, since YOU raised him).
Or sneak off to Iraq to play calvery convey escort.
And they leave stuff behind you aren't allowed to get rid of, like horses.
Ya, mine works full time too, so she rightously publishes the daily honey due.
Been to Bragg, got inna heap-O-trouble when we cut down pine trees that were in the way.
Been the Hood got, stuck in the mud or was it sandy quicksand.
Settled just north of Fort Ignorance (Bliss) where 3 Cav left me.
Not bad, 100 mile skies and no trees.

It's Sunday morin, so hot bran mash topped with brown sugar & cinamon fo the nags.

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Had too many days in Cowhouse Creek at Hood Scoutin' with 2/1 Cav...
As for Bragg.....3rd and 7th Group....Then on to 1st Gp at Lewis where I retired...Yep, I'm a snake eatin, Rolex wearin, TDY hound! As for the kids, I only have two rules: If ya need a meal, Denny's is over there....If ya need a bed: the Marriot is over there! They come for the holidays.....AND leave.
We settled here outside Philly. All the neighbors are CEO's.....I'm the one BBQ'ing in the FRONT yard with CCR blasting!

Yp...Sunday morining! coffee and a big breakfast, then off to church and some shopping.....but I will be back in front of this computer trying to figure things out for the better.

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Okay guys....cut it out. 😞

Just because you guy done retired and I have 7 more years to go isn't fair!! 😀 Well, at least you were Cavarly...... Seattle is a great retiring spot WAJ....I am planning to retire there if the wife allows me too. I was in 3rd Brigade (5-5 ADA) Currently stationed is Ft. Irwin, but wishing that I was back in Ft. Lewis.

I normally fly helis on FSX, since I can land them efficiently!! I thought I could handle jets, but I have to start from scratch with a Cessna. 😞 There are a lot of good aircraft and helicopters for FSX so you'll be quite busy during your retirement........

..........unless you like watching grass grow. 😀

SGT. Jacobs, R.E
U.S. Army

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

See what a couple of barracks jockeys can start! hehehehehe

Ain't no use in feelin blue....
Retirement days will come to you.....


start with the tutorials. they are essential for newbies.
then go to the lessons. they take a bit work to go through.

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I began flying 50 years ago in a J-3. 30 years ago an accident made it impossible to get an FAA medical. FS98 (and earlier DOS flight simulators) have be a tremendous therapy for me. FSX has been the biggest challenge - tweaking it to make it work properly. I've spent more time making adjustment to it than enjoying the simulated flying. Howeve, I think I have it working well enought now to relax and fly through some IFR soup in the Mooney and hadle some light icing. With all their faults, Flight Simulators have been fantastic therapy for my.

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