GPS Navigation, whats the deal?


Hi, just departed Dublin airport with my Boeing 737, switched on the GPS and autopilot for VOR navigation. Now the plane is circuling the airport because it cant catch the first waypoint. (No i've not set it to APP autopilot). The way point never started on my runway by the looks of it and ever since its been going round and round trying to pass it, with no luck.

Now the GPS is so confusing on Flight Sim X, afterall it wont allow you to create a Flight Plan on there.


I was wondering is it possible for me to jump to the next waypoint rather than have my plane circuling trying to catch the first waypoint. I keep playing with the GPS but i just cant do it. Any help people? How do i use it, the learning centre is WAY confusing for me.

The same also applies if you dont answer ATC for a while they stop radar contact with you and you need to open or create a new flight plan. If you create a new flight plan and set it all to GPS and switch autopilot on, the plane will revert back to waypoint one to begin VOR navigation via GPS. Basically it'll fly back to waypoint one (basically where you taken off from).


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SiR_Paganiny Guest

yes you can skip that... Click on your Flight plan on gps (not the map) the waypoints then select the waypoint you want the plane starts following, then click on "options" on the right side, it will ask you if you wanna change to that waypoint press the arrow and it's set!

SiR_Paganiny Guest

Haaa the ATC.... It's a Flight Simulator, that means it simulates... In a real Flight if a pilot doesn´t answers ATC may think ther's a problem with a connection or the crew is dead! Because need to answer ATC...

If you don´t 😀


Hi, thanks. Managed to forward the waypoint. Really appreciate the help. 🙂


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