Posky 767 and any posky aircraft

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can they work in fsx with fsx sound and a fsx panel?

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They claim they will the only way to find out is to load one.
The no working gauges so far could be the only problem...if they have cured that.


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I haven't tried any of the POSKYs yet but I've got the SGA DC-10s and the iFDG MD-11s in FSX. No problem -- the POSKYs should be allright.

I've imported old soundsets into FSX, they work just fine. Regarding the panels, I've aliased them to the default Boeing panels in FSX. This way, I don't have problems with the gauges.

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The posky aircraft work just not the becaon and I can get dc-10 and md-11 sound for fs2004 and place them in fsx and they will work?

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Yes those sounds should work. Those are amongst the ones I've imported.

Good to hear that the POSKYs work. I'll try out their 747SP which handles really nicely in fs9. 😎

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