Weird, game-stopping bug I've encountered..

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Hi, I've been looking around at these forums and you guys seem to know your stuff. I'm hoping this is the right place to ask this, but if not, let me know.

I recently picked up FS 2004. In a word, it's incredible. Today I was out making a grocery store trip and on the trip home, I realized it would be cool to fly around the world, hopping from airport to airport, starting at Reykjavik, Iceland and going east towards northern Europe. It would occupy my free time a bit and as long as I didn't try to do it in one sitting (who has that much free time/patience?), I bet it would take me a while too.

So, I wrote up a little plan and loaded the game up. On the runway in Reykjavik, I stopped to look something up on my other computer and mysteriously, inexplicably, my plane sped up to an extreme speed and my game froze. I CTRL+ALT+DEL'd out and loaded the game up again. The same thing happened. I loaded a mid-flight save, and, sure enough, about 5 seconds into the flight my aircraft lurches towards the ground, speeds up and crashes my computer.

I've restarted, rebooted my computer, tried different aircraft and etc. and the exact same thing happens each time. As far as I know I have the latest patch, so what can I do to fix this? The game is unplayable at this point. Thanks for any help in advance!

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You haven't mentioned which, if any, add-ons you have installed. Some add-ons can cause weird problems.

Meanwhile you can try this:

In My Documents you should find the Flight Simulator Files folder. Back it up, rename it or move it somewhere else so that fs9 can't find it when you load the sim.
The sim will build a new folder with the same name at the same location (My Documents). See what happens and let us know.

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That seems to have done the trick! Thanks a lot, sorry for not replying sooner.

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