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Overland/Simmer's Sky MD11 question.

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Hi all,

I recently downloaded the Overland MD-11 after reading about it at this great forum, and it really is a great freeware MD-11.

After my first takeoff I turned to the outside view, to see this beauty gain altitude. Then as always I go back into the cockpit to make sure I don't overspeed. When I got there something scared the Censored out of me:
I was doing more then 450 knots ❗ ❗ finally at around 500 the bells and whisles started to talk to me, which is my question: why can this plane go so fast before the overspeed warning goes of ❓

Any help will be great 😀

Cheers, NSX

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I show the Vmo at low altitude for the MD-11 at 350-365 KIAS.

Airspeed Limits Vmo/Mmo (MAXIMUM OPERATING)

At sea level--------350-350
above 25,670------0.87-0.87 Mach

Check that your Airspeed indicator is showing indicated instead of true airspeed. If it is set for KIAS than the flight model is poor and incorrect. There is a small difference in KCAS and KIAS but consider them the same.

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Thanks for your reply.
I have indicated airspeed and I take of from EHAM which is at sea level so that can't be the problem.
We are talking about the plane reaching 450 knots with ease and bells and whisles at 480 knots. It's just very odd, any one else here has this problem?

Cheers, NSX

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Well it stays odd, quess I will have to use the ifdg settings for this plane.
Aliased the sound config to my Level D 767, suits it well xD

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Fixed it, used the [Reference Speeds] of IFDG at the bottom of the aircraft.cfg. Now it handles like a charme 😀 No more F-18 behaviour.

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